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Off to the alps

Bournemouth, UK

It's been a crazy few weeks with assignments, I've practically lived in the uni library. I'm finished with my assignments for the year now and it's the end of term today, so even though I'm still really stressed out about my dissertation (or the lack of one), it's time for Christmas now. I'm heading back home to Finland on the 21st and although I can't wait, I'm so excited that I'm off to Val Thorens in the French Alps for a week before that with the BU Snowriders, the uni ski club.
I've been to Val Thorens exactly two years ago with uni, and I can't wait to get back. I love the Alps. The views, the slopes, the apres... If it's anything like the three previous uni ski trips I've been on, it's going to be mental. I'll sort of be working this time since I'm in the photographer of the ski club, but it should still be amazing. Can't wait for all that fresh powder.

Just have to survive a hellish coach journey there first. In 2012 it took us closer to 24h to get there. Not looking forward to that, but it'll all be worth it. I hope there will be a few sunny days like the ones last time when I took the photos in this post. I'm looking forward to filling this blog with ski and snowboard photography.

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  1. Sun blogi on tosi ihana ja rakastan näitä kaikkia kuvia! :)
    Oli pakko kertoa tämä ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Val Thorens is definitely amazing! Have you ever been? :)


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