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Leaving on a jet plane

I get bored easily and have always loved change and moving around, but that rarely comes without the pain of leaving things and people behind. My love of moving around was one of the reasons I wanted to get out of Finland in 2011 and chose to apply to universities abroad. I spent two insanely good years in England before placement year came around and I ended up in Lapland. My internship lasted 10 months and before it started I thought that would be enough of Lapland and Finland for a while again.

We are the dreamers of dreams

Levi, Finland

Autumn colours

Levi, Finland

Since I don't have my camera with me for these last days in Levi, I won't get any decent shots of the gorgeous autumn colours this year. I used to hate this season, but last year I realised how beautiful it actually can be. September might be the best time of year to come to Lapland for hiking for example, since the millions of mosquitos have died by then and the nature is just gorgeous. I did a lot of hiking in the forests and fells both in Levi and in Pallas in September last year with my dog and took a ton of pictures, here are some of my favourites.

Summer flashback

Levi, Finland

I know it's already September, but I still haven't done a post about the summer here in Levi. It was warm in July and August everywhere in Finland, even up here in Lapland. I've been at work most of the time and didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would've liked to, but then again all the mosquitos and other annoying insects sometimes make it a little less desirable to spent time outside in the summer... 

I did get to go on a really nice river cruise through work one afternoon in July though, which was pretty great. The weather was perfect, there was a nice sand beach where we stopped, and most importantly, pancakes.

Last of the roadtrip photos

I've been annoyingly busy with everything lately and whenever I've had some extra time, I've just been lazy. I left my camera at my parents'  house as well so until the 19th I'm dependant on my phone for pictures. I'm thinking I'll do a few Lapland posts with photos from last year and earlier this summer, there are a few shots I want on this blog.
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