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My life lately: Lapland, books and healthy eating

Bournemouth, UK

I know I mainly post photos but this time I am actually planning to write as well, just to go over what I've been preoccupying myself with lately. I do apologise for the shit quality of the photos, they're all from my phone this time. 

I know fourth year of uni is crazy busy and I should be in the library drowning in books, but that's just not at all been happening lately. I've found it really hard to motivate myself to do any of the work and this was probably the worst decision possible, but I took off and went to Lapland for a week, blissfully forgetting all my work ( the work I wasn't even doing when I was here).

Even though I got no sleep thanks to an early flight which meant I had to catch a 5am coach to Heathrow airport and spent 12 hours on traveling from Bournemouth to Levi, I enjoyed the day traveling back. I don't mind hanging out at airports, although they do make me spoil myself because hey, I'm on holiday. I had a blueberry muffin and hot chocolate for breakfast at Heathrow, which was the beginning of a week of horrible eating habits that, no kidding, made me gain more weight than I'd like to admit. 

It was so nice seeing my boyfriend and some friends though that it was worth both gaining weight and avoiding university work. Just getting off the plane in Kittilä after 12 hours of traveling and feeling the crisp cold air on my face was the best feeling ever. I would exchange the rain and especially the cold wind in England for -15 degrees Celcius and snow any day.

There wasn't that much snow in Levi yet, but enough to make me extremely happy. There were a few slopes open as well, but I decided not to go snowboarding since I'm not a big fan of the front slope that was the main one open. Felt a little bad about it afterwards though, I mean any slope is better than no snowboarding, right? 

I spent the week mainly hanging out with my boyfriend, eating way too much of all the Finnish foods that I've missed (mainly liquorice and other candy and sweets, hence the weight gain) and just enjoying the fact that I was back. 

I did spent one day helping out at a floor ball tournament, which made me miss playing so much more than I already did. My old team played so well though that I couldn't help but be really happy and proud of them. I got to be a part of their post-tournament sauna and club night as well, which was one of the best nights I've had in a long time.

After getting back to the UK Wednesday night, I've been trying to do some uni work, but not with much success. Just before I went away I decided I need to start spending less time on Facebook and in front of the TV and thought books could be the answer. I used to read loads when I was younger, but don't even remember when was the last time I finished a book that wasn't related to my degree. The books I have read outside of school in the last 5 years have mostly been some really light romance novels and shit like that, but this time I decided to make my reading count a little more. I went to Waterstones and WHSmith as well as the university library and Amazon in search of books on healthy eating and nutrition in general.

That has probably been the best decision I could've possibly made (except in terms of getting any of my essays done). I've now devoured two of the books I found, and in the process of reading the third. Especially Michael Pollan's In Defence of Food was a book I didn't want to put down. I know it's cliché and everything to say this but it really was an eye-opening book that got me thinking about what I eat. 

As a result, my thoughts have revolved around food and nutrition for the past few days. I feel like I'm finally motivated to start eating better. In the past year and a half (since I moved to Lapland in June 2013) I've already made a turn for the better by eating salads,  making smoothies and finding the gym again, but now I feel more motivated about this than I probably ever have. I've also fallen in love with reading again as a result, which just makes it all the better. 

I just wish I could be this motivated about my university studies as well, but I can't really be too unhappy about that either if this means I at least improve my health. It might end up being more important than getting great marks after all ;)

I'm hoping my new found love for food and all things healthy will show in this blog in the future as well, but I know myself better than to promise anything. I would love to make this more of a lifestyle blog, mainly just to inspire myself and to keep this motivation and enthusiasm alive, but we'll have to see what happens. 

On the topic of this blog, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who comes to check out my posts even though they are so irregular and usually just collections of random photos. It makes me so happy to see I have a few followers and readers. THANK YOU!! 

You probably didn't read that though, I bet I bored you with this super long post ages ago :D

(I really tried to get these last photos in line with the first part of the post, but for some reason I just couldn't make it work so I just gave up...)
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  1. Voi, lunta! Olispa meilläkin. *3* (Luin tän kyllä ihan loppuun asti, mut näemmä mun ajatukset ei pääse lumesta eteenpäin. :D)

    1. Juu tuota lunta tuli heti kova ikävä kun tänne Britteihin palasi vesisateen keskelle... Ihana kuulla että jaksoit lukea loppuun asti! :D


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