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Zermatt - Day 3 | Hiking

Zermatt, Switzerland

We were only meant to stay in Zermatt for two nights, but we were not in a hurry to get back home and loved Switzerland so much that we decided to stay for a third day and night. We took the funicular to Sunnegga again but this time continued higher towards Stellisee at 2537m before walking back down to the village.

Zermatt - Day 2 | Mountain biking

Zermatt, Switzerland

After Gornegrat, we rented mountain bikes and took a funicular to a Sunnegga, 2288m. The guy at the rental place assured us that this would an easy route even for a beginner like me, but we soon discovered that his definition of 'easy' was slightly different to ours. Narrow paths down the mountain with steep drop just next to the path, I had to have my fingers on the back break pretty much the entire way down. Although scary, it was fun at the same time and it was a great setting for more photos. We even saw a bunch of super cute marmots.

Zermatt - Day 2 | Gornergrat

Gornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland

On our second day in Zermatt we took the ridiculously expensive Gornetgrat Bahn to the top of Gornergrat, 3135m. The Gornergrat Bahn is the highest open-air railway in Europe, but paying 70€ per person for a return ticket... Not fun when you've already been traveling for over three weeks and spent a small fortune.

Zermatt - Day 1

Zermatt, Switzerland

We knew Switzerland was going to be expensive, so we had booked the cheapest available room in Zermatt, but when we got to the hotel we found out they had upgraded our room. Aweeesome. I loved the room, we even had a great view of the village and the Matterhorn. And the bed... After sleeping in a sofa bed for three weeks and in the car the night before, the hotel bed felt like heaven. We resisted the urge to go to bed for a few hours though, and took a walk around before going to eat. 

We loved Zermatt from the start. It was so beautiful and charming, and everyone there was so friendly.

Port de Lutry

Lutry, Switzerland

We drove for hours after leaving Biarritz behind and slept in the car behind a gas station about an hour west from Lyon. After waking up to a misty morning we managed to get through the rush hour of Lyon and continued to cross the border to Switzerland. We were heading to the Alps, but on our way we stopped in Lutry, a small town near Lausanne by Lake Geneva.


Biarritz, France

After three weeks in Spain, we started heading back to Finland, this time by car. We drove across the border to France and stopped in Biarritz for a few hours. It was cloudy all day so the weather could've been better, but it was a nice town anyway. I could've spent a lot longer just walking around randomly, but we had to get going to make it a bit closer to Switzerland which was our next stop.

Getaria | 02

Getaria, Gipuzkoa, Spain

A few more photos from Getaria. These are some of my favorite shots from the trip: the old couple walking down a street together, the worn-down, abandoned old building, the guy playing guitar with his dog in his feet under a bridge, and so on. There was just something about Getaria that made me fall in love with this little town.
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