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Snowboarding tunes

I really wish I had more to post about, but my life for the past few months has been filled with the library, academic journals, staring at a word document titled 'DISSERTATION' and hoping I could get it done faster. I just have no life at the moment. The deadline is in exactly a month, and I should be done with uni in just over two months, which makes me happy and scared at the same time. 

It is, however, time for the Easter break in a few days, and I am off to the Alps for one last time with the ski society. It's exciting and sad at the same time, I'll really miss these insane weeks of boarding with my uni friends. I just hope I can forget about all the dissertation stress for the week and make the most of it. Hopefully all my stuff will make it to the resort this time as well so I'll actually be able to do my job as the photographer.

We're going to Val d'Isère this time and I haven't been there before, so it'll be nice to explore a new resort. We leave on Friday and I just can't wait to get there for a week of snowboarding, apres and nights out. In preparation, here are some of my favourite songs from my snowboarding playlist.

This month - February

I can't believe it's already the 9th of March. I'm so late with this post and everything else too at the moment. I did manage to go on a great road trip to Manchester and back the other weekend with a few friends to unwind, but other than that my dissertation is just slowly sucking out all the life in me. After a 9-5 in the library I have no energy for anything other than a bit of TV, food and my bed. It doesn't help that the deadline is getting closer and closer and I still have so much to do...

Anyway, here are a few of my favourites from February:


Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, UK

Although it feels like my dissertation and other university work are taking over my life at the moment, I found some time for a little weekend trip to Brighton last weekend. One of my best friends from back home is there for an exchange semester at the University of Sussex and besides wanting to see a little more of the south coast go England, I was in need of a good catch up with her. It was a great way to forget about all the stress of final year, too.

Brighton was such a lovely city. I could've spend much longer wandering the streets and exploring all the funky little cafes and shops. The colourful buildings, lovely beach (even in rainy and windy February), and pretty narrow street made me wonder why I decided not to apply to a university in Brighton when I was considering that option four years ago.

This month - January

January has been and gone (so fast!) and I thought I could start making monthly compilations of my favourites and other things that were in one way or the other important during the month. So, here's the January edition.

Val Thorens in black & white

Here's a few photos from the Val Thorens trip in black & white. I ended up having some decent photos although not nearly as many as I would've hoped. I'll probably post at least some apres ski and club shots later on, possibly some more photos of actual skiing and snowboarding too if I find stuff I like ones I properly go through them.

Things didn't quite go to plan

In my last post (which was ages ago), I raved about how excited I was to be going to the Alps and how I was going to fill this space with photos of the pretty mountains and so on... Well that isn't going to happen.

You know how sometimes things just really, really don't go your way? This trip was one of those times for me. Stressed out about final year (exams, dissertation and so on) I had a hard time getting excited for the trip in the first place which is very unlike me, I'm always graving for a trip somewhere. I managed to get excited just before going, but that ended the very evening we got to the resort. My bag somehow managed to go missing on the way or when we got to the resort, no one really knows or understands how. I mean how do you lose a bag from a bus? Somehow it still happened, only my snowboard bag and what I had in my hand luggage made it there. That meant I had my camera, my toothbrush, mascara and lip balm, my snowboard, my snowboard pants, a few hoodies and the clothes I had on me. That's not great when you're looking to spend a week there.
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