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Hey there and thanks for stumbling upon my blog.

I'm a 25-year-old girl who loves to travel and explore the world, drinks too much hot chocolate, would like to eat blueberries with everything and tries her best to go to the gym and eat healthy. 

I'm originally from Finland but spent my teenage years wandering the streets of Saint Petersburg in Russia, and later moved to the UK for university. Currently I'm spending a gap year of some sort in Switzerland, exploring this absolutely gorgeous country and trying to figure out what I want to do next.

This blog is my little space to document my life and my progress in trying to find myself and creating the life I want. This is where I share my travel photos and stories, write about my attempts to live healthier and trying to pursue a simple, happy life. 

Here's a list of places I've been to so far.

Hit me up with an email  if you have any feedback, questions, comments or if you just feel like saying hey.
All the photos in the blog are mine (unless stated otherwise), so please don't use them without asking!

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