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Snowboarding tunes

I really wish I had more to post about, but my life for the past few months has been filled with the library, academic journals, staring at a word document titled 'DISSERTATION' and hoping I could get it done faster. I just have no life at the moment. The deadline is in exactly a month, and I should be done with uni in just over two months, which makes me happy and scared at the same time. 

It is, however, time for the Easter break in a few days, and I am off to the Alps for one last time with the ski society. It's exciting and sad at the same time, I'll really miss these insane weeks of boarding with my uni friends. I just hope I can forget about all the dissertation stress for the week and make the most of it. Hopefully all my stuff will make it to the resort this time as well so I'll actually be able to do my job as the photographer.

We're going to Val d'Isère this time and I haven't been there before, so it'll be nice to explore a new resort. We leave on Friday and I just can't wait to get there for a week of snowboarding, apres and nights out. In preparation, here are some of my favourite songs from my snowboarding playlist.

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