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Prague photo diary #2

Prague, Czech Republic

The start of my weekend in Prague did not quite go to plan. Due to a series of mishaps I found myself in the middle of Prague at 10pm on a Friday night with no idea where I was going or how to get in touch with my friend. 

We had agreed to meet in the centre because he lives on the opposite side of the town to the airport, and I was meant to text him when I landed so he would know what time to be there. I did text him, and found my way to where we were meant to meet just fine. After waiting for a while with no reply from him I started to wonder. I was feeling a little uncomfortable in standing there on a dark square in central Prague with my bags, looking like a lost puppy. I decided to call my friend, only to find out then that he had given me a wrong number by accident. Well fuck.

I figured it was fine, though, since I had given him my number, too. Surely he was going to call me in a bit considering I had told him what time my flight was meant to land. I paced around a while longer, and tried to get Facebook to work so I could get in touch with him, impatient as ever. There was no wifi and although I tried to turn data roaming on, it wasn't working either. I was still able to open our conversion from earlier that day, however, and I scrolled to check the number he had given me in case I had missed something. That's when I also double-checked my number and found I had missed a zero in the middle. Fuck. 

There I stood, on a square in a dark, completely unfamiliar city and country with literally no idea where to go or how to get in touch with my friend. I mean I wasn't panicking or anything, but I was really having to work my brain trying to figure out how to solve my little dilemma. That's when I realised there was a McDonald's around the corner, and thank God for their free wifi. Saved my day. There was even a group of British guys, drunk of course, in front of me in the queue when I went to order some fries to eat while I waited my friend to get there after getting in touch with him. Made me feel strangely contented to hear the familiar accent and loud, drunken conversations of a bunch of lads on tour.

I definitely learned a travel lesson, the first of two on this trip, from the whole mishap. From now on, I will always double check phone numbers, and more importantly find out the address of the place where I'm going. You know, just in case. Although I have to admit I did enjoy the sense of minor adventure in being lost in an unfamiliar city. 

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