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Prague photo diary #3

Prague, Czech Republic

I was meant to post these last few photos from my Prague weekend a long, long time ago, but here they finally are. Looking at these now, five months after the trip, I'm falling in love with Prague all over again and can't wait to go back to Czech Republic one day. It was such a beautiful city with fantastic people, and the beginning of April was a lovely time to visit at least this year. I'd imagine May and the summer would be pretty great, too, but I'm assuming everything would be more crowded. Even in April there were a lot of tourists, so I assume in the summer the city is just filled with people.

I got to see quite a lot of the city even though I was there for just three days. We walked around the city a lot, went to the Prague castle and took the train out of the city to visit Karlštejn castle. The train from Prague to Karlštejn took around 45 minutes and then a further 30-ish minutes to walk to the castle from the train station, so it's a perfect day or half a day trip from Prague if you fancy seeing the surrounding countryside a bit, too.

I'm the type of person who loves to just walk around to feel the atmosphere of a place, I'm not a fan of running around crowded 'must-see' attractions or museums, although it's always nice to visit a few if there is something interesting. Besides, this trip was equally about exploring Prague and catching up with an old friend, so just walking around and hanging out was a great way to combine both. That's probably why my absolute favourite part of the trip was renting a paddle boat and chilling on the Vltava river with a few ciders and beers in the evening sun. Would definitely recommend those paddle boats, the views are great and it's just so nice and chill :)

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