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Surfing the Basque Country

20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Here's the first patch of pictures from our surf trip to Zarautz, Spain. It's quite a small place near San Sebastian on the Atlantic coast in the Basque part of the country with one of the best surf beached in Spain. We had a flat rented for three weeks through airbnb. It was right by the beach, and cost so little compared to what a hotel would've cost us for that time. 

Surfing has been on my bucketlist for years, but this was the first time I got to try it and I loved it! Since I was the one with the camera, there's no photo evidence that I actually surfed, though...

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  1. Very nice pictures & Lovely Blog!
    I also recommend you to surf in Galicia (North-West coast of Spain)
    my blog: Tu Nuevo Look

  2. Aivan mielettömän hienoja kuvia ! Oon selannut varmaan joka postauksen ja jokaikisen postauksen kuvissa mitä katsoin on sellainen ihana fiilis. Muutenkin ihana tälläinen omanlainen blogi sulla, jään ehdottomasti seurailemaan!! =)


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