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Last of the roadtrip photos

I've been annoyingly busy with everything lately and whenever I've had some extra time, I've just been lazy. I left my camera at my parents'  house as well so until the 19th I'm dependant on my phone for pictures. I'm thinking I'll do a few Lapland posts with photos from last year and earlier this summer, there are a few shots I want on this blog.

These are my last few weeks in Lapland (for now at least) before I head back to England, I'll try to be a little more active when I'm there, bear with me until then...

In any case, here are a couple of shots from our last day on the road in June. After three awesome days in Zermatt we drove from Switzerland to Frankfurt, stayed in Frankfurt for a night before driving all the way through Denmark to Sweden, making our way to Stockholm to a ferry back home.

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