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This month - January

January has been and gone (so fast!) and I thought I could start making monthly compilations of my favourites and other things that were in one way or the other important during the month. So, here's the January edition.

Website: INTO MIND
Procrastination is what led me to this amazing blog. It's full of great tips on minimalism. I still haven't read nearly everything I want to on this site, but I have gone through a lot of her tips of creating a personal style concept. This blog is an amazing source of information and ideas on how to get a little more organised with your style.

What can I say... I'm the queen of procrastination. Websites (especially Pinterest), TV shows, books not related to my studies, YouTube, blogs... Anything and everything I could do to not study for my exams. Not great, but so much fun more fun...

I got this bag for Christmas and was actually speechless for a moment after realising what I got. I've never owned a handbag this expensive before, all mine are from shops like Zara. Getting this has absolute spoiled me and I can already see myself having trouble buying anything other than genuine leather bags from now on... Before I kept telling myself that the more expensive bags weren't any better in quality and therefore not worth it, but this one definitely is better than any bag I've ever owned. I've been lusting after Michael Kors bags before as well since the quite simplistic but still elegant style appeals to me. My only complaint about this Hamilton bag is that my laptop doesn't fit in it so I'm still using another bag for university. Other than that, I have a major crush.

I bought this at the airport on my way back to the UK, and haven't stopped using it ever since. I used the YSL Babydoll mascara before this, and both are just so nice. This makes my lashes look much longer and thicker than most mascaras. It's a bit more expensive than what I usually like to pay for a mascara though. 

Paullina Simons is one my absolute favourite authors. I randomly picked up her book The Girl in Times Square from a bookshop selling English books in St. Petersburg seven years ago, and it's still one of my favourite books. Later I found out she had written a book based in St. Petersburg called The Bronze Horseman, I obviously had to get it. Again, one of my favourite books ever. The Summer Garden is the third and final book of the series. The first book was definitely the best one, the second one and this were not as amazing, but still good books. I've now got through the series which is a bit sad, but also means I can move on to read some of Simons' other books, I already have one on my bookshelf at home.

I had been meaning to try overnight oats for ages and ages even though I was a little skeptical for some reason. I mean, it's pretty much cold porridge, and that can't be good... I stand corrected, it's all I've been eating for breakfast lately. My version is really simple, I just mix oats, chia seeds, almond milk and a tiny bit of vanilla whey protein and add banana slices and cacao nibs on top. So good.

It's so windy and cold I've had way too many hot chocolates.

Place: MY BED
The cold weather not only made me overdose on hot chocolate, but also made me never want to leave my bed. The thought of a full day in the library studying for my exams was another reason to make me hit the snooze button and pull up the covers for another half an hour. 

I've been listening to this a lot lately (on repeat at times). I don't even know what it is about the song that appeals to me so much, maybe it's the emotion in his voice, I don't know. I just love it. 

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