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It will be 50 kilometres they said. You'll be fine they said.

99130 Levi, Finland

My day off on Thursday was meant to be relaxing. Instead, I agreed to go mountain biking to some old gold mine. The guys said the trip would be like a 50km and I was sure I would never be able to do it, but somehow they convinced me to go along anyway. 

Turns out they estimated the distance a bit wrong. It was 75km. By the time we made it back six hours later, my entire body hurt from my feet to my neck and hands, I had been bitten by dozens of mosquitoes and even shed a few tears. Afterwards I felt amazing despite all the pain though, I mean I biked 75k. Not quite sure how I did it, I'm not in a great shape and had only ever gone mountain biking once before in my entire life.

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