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Питер, любовь моя | 01

When my dad first told me he was going to Russia to work for a year, I started crying and asked "why Russia? Why not anywhere else?" I had never been, but for some reason I would've rather gone and lived pretty much anywhere else.

One year turned to three, and I fell in love with St. Petersburg the moment I first lay eyes on the city. When I found out we were moving back to Finland just after my 18th birthday, I cried a lot more than in the beginning. I've missed the city ever since I left. It changed me and a part of me will always want back for some reason. Whenever I do get to go back, I feel like I've come home.

I shot these on my visit back this past May. I'm hoping to still go back in August, but we'll see whether I have the time for it or not.

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